Meals Next Door was a restaurant project by Patrick Clay Studio. The design and function of the restaurant is a clear revolutionary vision of creating an efficient, sustainable, and clean kitchen that delivers healthy home cooked cuisine to its customers. This project provides a unique opportunity to create a holistic vision for the future of fast food; clean, healthy, and organic. The project is centered on sustainability and efficiency.


Trained as an architect, receiving his Bachelors of Architecture from Virginia Tech. He has worked with SOM, KPF and FX FOWL Architects in New York City on a wide array of project types for which he has been recognized for his intuition in resolving complex geometric forms and spaces.
In 2008-2009, Patrick worked with renowned Spanish architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava, in his New York Studio where he managed the building workshop with Richard Moss under the personal direction Mr. Calatrava. He was a member of the project team responsible for the design of Calatrava's $2.2 billion World Trade Center Transportation Terminal in New York City until leaving the office in February 2009.
patrick clay